In Defense Of Manara (NSFW)

In Defense Of Manara (NSFW)


We’ve all seen the ALTERNATE cover of the upcoming Spider-Womansolo comic book by Marvel Comics. Jessica Drew – aka Spider-Woman –  is crawling up over the edge of a building in New York City in a classic Spider-Man pose – but with a more sexual edge than normal (or is it?). Her butt is rising into the air, the centerpiece of the illustration. Her costume is tight, clinging to her curves like her…

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In The Footsteps Of Giants - Part Two: Childhood

In The Footsteps Of Giants – Part Two: Childhood

The house on Union Street in Salem, Mass. (Image from

Being a kid in Maine has its benefits.

Though I lived mostly in the city of Lewiston, I was able to get out into the countryside every once in a while. Many folks in larger cities don’t have that sort of luxury. We’d go to my grandparent’s house in Windham where nights and days were spent in the sandpit and surrounding woods behind their home. For a while, my siblings and I lived with our mother…

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In The Footsteps of Giants - Part One

In The Footsteps of Giants – Part One

Being from Maine, growing up in its woods and cities and near its waters, I can tell you that not much of note happens here on a daily basis. We’ve got lobster, which people flock from other states and countries to partake in. We’ve got abundant fishing, hiking and leaf-peeping opportunities. Hunting is always something people love to do here. We’ve got tons of blueberries and potatoes as well.…

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Is The Glass Half-Empty Or Half-Full?

Is The Glass Half-Empty Or Half-Full?


Is the glass half-full or half-empty?

This is not as simple a question as some would have you believe. Often, we’re forced to choose either the optimistic side (with the glass being half-full) or the pessemistic side (with the glass being half-empty).I refuse to choose either side.Instead, I believe the world is not black and white but a mash-up of several different shades of dark and light,…

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The Joys Of Cosplaying

The Joys Of Cosplaying


I’ve always had a thing for Halloween. I didn’t always have the best childhood and Halloween was one of those days out of the year where I not only got free stuff to eat but I also got to dress up and be creative. Dressing up was an escape from the realities of my life – I could be Spider-Man or Batmanor whoever I wanted, as long as I could create the right makeup or come up with the right…

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Away With Words: The New Blog By Joseph Carro

Away With Words: The New Blog By Joseph Carro

Away With Words: The New Blog By Joseph Carro

Hello, friends.

My name is Joseph Carro and this is my new blog and, lucky you – my first-ever post.

First of all, let’s get to the whys and whats:

Glad you asked! (Just play along) This blog will be primarily for my rantings and ravings that I normally post on Facebook. I already have a review blog, called The Average Joe Review Blog– where I post reviews on films, video and board games,…

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